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January 20, 2011 Legend Car standout, soon to be Late Model driver Justin Carroll has been added to the list of 2011 drivers carrying the Signsfast banner. We welcome the new business and hope that Justin can carry on his winning ways. Carroll is another one flying under the Chris Rogers Umbrella of talent..... Good Luck Guys!
August 11, 2009 good luck to Justin Carroll & TJ Michael, the Power Posse - m hudson
August 10, 2009 Justin good Luck at Lowe's tomorrow! We are proud of you.....Lori and Joe
August 4, 2009 LMS

Mike Hudson

August 4, 2009 LMS Big Fans of Justin Carroll's from Florida. Thanks for the coverage!  Lori Winchell

Attributes of a Racing Champion

Racing is a highly competitive field whose champions set themselves apart from the pact with four strengths Knowledge, Experience, Endurance and Driving Techniques.

They spend an enormous amount of hours weekly gathering knowledge on their sport including the cars, the track and the other drivers.

They then take this knowledge out on to the track and garner experience in the sport learning to be proficient at handling the car and the track and most importantly how to overcome obstacles, not only how to win but how to handle a loss and understanding why you did not win and what adjustments you need to make to change the results next time.

A racing Champion realizes the importance of keeping your body strong and building endurance so that you have the ability to outlast every driver as long as your car is on the track.  Mastering driving techniques and inventing a few of your own set you apart from field.

has all of these characteristics and has proven he is a true Champion and more.  He has character and substance far
beyond his years.  He stays true to who he is as a person and while winning is his goal and is important he does not compromise his values or lower his standards. 

He is always humble and appreciative of the compromise his parents make, so he can continue his racing career.  He is a lucky young man who has earned the support of his sponsors and is forever thankful for the support and help from his grandparents.

We are so lucky to have him in our lives and look forward to many years of watching his races and his success as a race car driver.

Way to go Justin!

 Joe and Lori
 October 2009